Who We Are

Christians in Motorsports‘ is a not-for-profit online Motoring Magazine written by Christians…


Our writers were brought together through a combination of online forums, Christian events and races.

The contributors at CIM write fun, informative and opinion based articles. They also scour the internet for interesting developments in the industry and publish news stories from the world of Motoring.

Jane Allsop

Some of Jane’s earliest memories are of driving to Church with her family on a Sunday morning. Her Dad’s Vauxhall Cavalier still hums with the same regular rhythm that it had back in the 80s, however the upholstery could probably do with a little seeing to…


Jane keeps an eye on the Vintage Car sales in the UK, she’s always looking for hot deals and posting pictures of exquisite rides on the Gallery.

Matt Davis

Matt has loved racing cars for as long as he can remember. Early trips out to the local Go Karting track as a Cub Scout were monthly highlights for him. Staying with the Scouting movement throughout his young adult life, he’s now a Leader of a small troop in the North West.


Matt believes that all youngsters should have access to racing and works with his local Church and Scout Group to ensure that that happens.

Rachel Lester

Rachel spent years calmly sitting at the sidelines, muttering prayers underneath her breath, as her husband raced round Test Laps in his custom built kit cars. One day however, she had the opportunity to step into the drivers seat herself and the experience was one she would never forget.


Now spending more time on the track than her gearhead husband, Rachel writes opinion pieces and news articles on the racing culture.

Colm Hastings

Spending a large majority of his life working as a mechanic – cars were less of a passion for Colm and more of a means to an end. This all changed when a local Reverend brought his Morris Minor in for a complete racing overhaul. The good Rev put the entire job into Colm’s hands and the long-term project soon turned into a racing partnership.


Racing as co-driver and mechanic in with the good Reverend, every weekend, Colm also writes on amateur racing events and car maintenance.