Motoring News Update 30/11/17

Ladies could take the wheel for real, Formula E gains traction and Lancia turns 111.

There’s always something new to look at in the world of Motorsport and the recent news has certainly not disappointed us

This week we’ve discovered that diesel car sales are in sharp decline, when compared to the sale of eco-friendly vehicles. We’ve also found out that some of the worst drivers in Britain have been able to evade all-out bans, including one woman in Oxfordshire who holds the record with 51 point on her license.

Yet still – despite these titbits – there’s been more interesting news on hand for us to focus on this week, such as…

Document leak suggests potential all-female race series


Women have always been underrepresented in Motorsport, an industry that remains largely in the hands of men. Whilst the occasional female racing icon has risen through the years – you don’t come across a Susie Wolff or a Lella Lombardi every day. In fact, Lombardi was the last and only woman to have scored any points in F1 history – scoring half a point at the 1975 Spanish GP.

Regardless of the reason as to why there is so few women in Motorsport, it would appear that certain parties are taking action to remedy the situation. A leaked document that’s been circulating in media circles has revealed a potential all-woman racing series that is set to stretch across 6 separate events.

Little else is known about the event and this may all come to nought, however it would prove to be a truly revolutionary series of races, should it come to fruition.

Formula E rises in stature with new media deal

formula e

Although the series is only in it’s fourth iteration this year, the electric-only championship is about to become a serious player on the world stage after striking a lucrative deal with motoring media moguls

The online motoring media brand’s website attracts over 214 million page views a month and exists in over 28 global editions in 17 different languages. Whilst Formula E has done a great deal so far to legitimise the use domestic use of electric-only cars, it has yet to truly breakthrough to the mainstream motoring world; this deal should change that.

Becoming a digital media partner of the Motorsport Network should aid Formula E drivers (and their vehicles) garner the same kind of attention that is regularly lavished on participants of the competing mainstream Motorsports. The Formula E season will commence in Hong Kong on 2nd December – you can catch all the coverage on Channel 5.

Happy 111th Birthday Lancia!


Although some might see it as rather bad form to celebrate a car’s birthday on it’s Nelson, but we’re going to take that risk nonetheless. It’s really been that long since the storied rally-car company was founded in Turin and whilst it’s probably fair to say that their hey-day is swiftly diminishing in the rear-view mirror, they still have a few minor victories to celebrate.

Their most recent model, the compact Ypsilon, beat out the Fiat 500 to nab the title of seconbest-selling car in Italy. In fact, informs us that more Ypsilons were sold in Italy last year than Alpha Romeos in the whole of Europe. That’s quite a stat to digest.

Despite the success of the Ypsilon, Lancia have not made any announcement for future models. Whilst sales in Italy are all well and good, there are Lancia fans all around the world who would certainly be keen to see a new model that caters to the rest of the world – like a redesign of the Delta Integrale…just as an example.