Christmas with CIM

The Christmas season is well and truly upon us…

This is a special time of year for all the writers at CIM. As practicing Christians, of differing denominations, we all have our own way of revelling in the festive season.


Our writers have taken some time to talk about their own habits over the Christmas period: how they’ll be celebrating, where there’ll be driving and who they’ll be with…


christmas-carols-37539_1280“Christmas is a very busy time of year for my husband and I. We’re not blessed with children, however our Church family is a truly extended one. Our congregation here in St. Ives is a big one and we have an active festive charity schedule – promoting the Christmas as a season of good will.

The day itself, will be a small affair. By the time we get round to Christmas itself, we’re usually content to sit back with a modest dinner and some soothing radio. The cars stay in the garage, getting some much deserved rest.”


“The Scout Movement, after long being involved with the Christian movement, has strong ties with the Christmas season. Although us Scouts have grown increasingly secular over the years, we still use the month of December to remind our boys of the importance of engaging in charitable activities.


As far as driving goes, there’s always time for go-karting! I tend to get more time to myself during December, thanks to the Christmas break, so that means more time on the circuits!”


porsche-driv“Jeff and I spend a lot of time working on the cars, during December. With the racing season looming in January, we always find ourselves with plenty of work to get done on the cars. Our local ministry holds some fantastic Christmas services, which we attend every year.

Every Christmas day, we take the Porsche out for a long drive round the countryside. It might seem like an old-fashioned tradition, but there’s nothing like tearing up the tarmac on the empty Christmas roads!”


“With the good Reverend Rob off in Spain this Christmas, my celebrations are going to be slightly different than usual. We’ve got a new holy man calling the orders of service, in our local church, so I’ll offer my help to him in any way I can.


Christmas is a family affair for me. I forget about racing cars for a few days and spend some good quality time with my family. On Boxing Day we have the entire clan round ours and I’m forced into the kitchen, whilst the wife entertains!”

How do you like to celebrate Christmas? Are you going to be hitting the road or are you going to be in the kitchen, like Colm?